Samsung’s Study On QLEDs Commercialization Published In ‘Nature’

- Dec 04, 2019-

Samsung’s Study on QLEDs Commercialization Published in ‘Nature’

Samsung reported that two of the company’s research fellows have proved the potential of QLEDs for commercial purposes in a new study, which was published in ‘Nature’ on November 27, 2019.

The research team managed to hugely improve quantum efficiency, as well as extend the lifetime of the QLED element by improving the structure of quantum dots. With the thick shell structure proposed by the research team, oxidation of the core and energy leak could be prevented. The study concluded that the method had improved quantum efficiency by 21.4% and increased the QLED lifetime to a million hours.

In 2015, Samsung launched its Cadmium-free (Cd-free) Quantum Dot TV and has obtained over 170 patents on element structure. The Korean giant also announced an investment of KRW 13.1 trillion (US$11 billion) for QD display development in the next five years.