Toppo has set up a quality control and management system on request of ISO 9001:2008. Relevant documents and record are effectively controlled to ensure the operation of quality system. We have the most advanced testing equipments with quality and advanced environmental variable detecting instruments. Strict inspections are implemented throughout the production process from material receiving, assemblies, to final QA before delivery. In order to satisfy customers, we will report the condition of the operation of quality management and improvement in time.

To well meet the customer's requirements and strengthen our competition capability, Toppo adopts the advanced surface mount technology (SMT) and auto-solder paste machine, which can boost the productivity. We also adopt the professional epoxy machine for water resistance and insure the waterproof function & quality of products. Based on the strict quality control system, our monthly production capacity of LED tubes has over 30,000 pcs and LED strip has over 150,000 meters. The defect rate is less than 1% and customers' complaint is less than 0.5%.