Toppo Back To Work On 10th Feb. 2020

- Feb 10, 2020-

After this special and long CNY holiday, Toppo Lighting officially opened on 10th Feb.. To ensure everyone return to work safely and orderly, Toppo has taken a number of epidemic prevention measures. At the same time, we adopted shifting to work, taking turns to office, online office, working at home etc. effective methods to avoid staff gathering as much as possible and reduce the risk of infection.

Since the emergency of NCP, Toppo has paid close attention the epidemic situation, and responded quickly after the epidemic situation further expanded, carried out emergency deployment, formulated emergency prevention and control plans, and organized various prevention and control work. In response to the Shenzhen Government's investigation of returnees' information, and in order to strengthen the company's own management. We conducted comprehensive information statistics and done a good job of safety inspection before returning to work. Prepared enough disinfection to sterilize everywhere in the factory.

Monitor employees’ temperature every morning and afternoon, strictly control personnel access, and wearing masks during the working. Toppo also prepared lots of an-epidemic supplies such as masks, disinfectant, hand sanitizer etc for the employee. We also publicized the preventive methods throng various channels,  strengthens employees' awareness of prevention, actively and effectively do the protection works. The goods and packages will be sterilized before shipping, make sure every customer receive the goods without worries.

Toppo makes every effort to support and care every employee who sticks to his job.  This is responsible to our employees, to the company, and to the society. Believe everything will be better.

Toppo Lighting