Flexible, High Efficiency Modular Flood Light Available Now

- May 26, 2020-

Flexible, high efficiency Modular Flood light Available now

The new T-Flood Modular Flood light offer a maximum of flexibility and functionality. A wide range of functionality, new innovative features and a modern and uniform design across the whole range. 

The specially designed Honeycomb Reflector reduce glaring and provide various symmetric and asymmetric, beam angle choices for all possible areas of applications. 

Its rotatable modules and mounting brackets allow maximum flexibility for any conceivable installation requirements. 

Different length: 30CM, 60CM with 4x50W, 4x100W for choose. Symmetric honeycomb, Asymmetric Honeycomb, Glass cover various versions suitable for Tunnels, sport buildings, factories, warehouse, exhibition and showrooms.

For more information, please contact inquiry@toppolighting.com.