2020 NEW LED UFO High Bay Light

- Mar 03, 2020-

2020 NEW LED UFO High Bay Light

With the arrival of spring, the epidemic is coming to an end in China, and we look forward to the orderly resumption of work as soon as possible around the world. The market in the "post-epidemic period" urgently needs to be led by more new products, and Toppo brings new products and technologies What is needed for the development of the industry, seizing this opportunity in a timely manner is conducive to quickly opening the market after the overall recovery of the industry.

Deeply cultivating the global professional photo field, the Toppo team always optimizes its products based on user needs and in-depth understanding of lighting applications to provide high-quality light sources that cover more consumer groups and lighting scenes. Different from the previous high bay lights, the new Matepro series provide users with more professional light effects.

The uniquely designed LED array can produce light with suitable brightness. The built-in Asymmetric wedge reflector of the light binding system guides the light beam to the correct direction, collecting escape light like rainwater collection, suppressing glare in all directions, and soothing the eyes under long-term indoor lighting Fatigue.

This highbay series lumen efficiency up to 160 lm/w, advanced cooling-fin structure ensured its excellent heat dissipation and long life span L80/B10@50,000H. Also have different drivers and different beam angle as well as various accessories like motion and daylight sensors and different mounting options, IP65 and IK10 for all industrial areas of application.

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