Turnable Degree 32w 2ft LED Twins Batten

Turnable Degree 32w 2ft LED Twins Batten

LED Twins batten lights are designed for applications which need the high LUX on different angle.
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Product Details


Turnable degree 32w 2ft LED twins batten
            Key Features


                  0-60 degree rotatable angle

                  Sliding structure for easy installation

                  Philips Xitaninum driver for 5 years wrranty

            Construction Features

                  Turnable and sliding structure design

                  White or silver paint finish

                  1500px &3000px basic unit for infinite connection

                 • Housing material: Aluminum + PC

                  Surface monuting / suspension installation


                 Replace fluorescent batten

                 Factory, Warehouse, Supermarket, MTR station,Train station, Airport, etc

          Technical Features

                 Input Voltage:Philips driver: AC200-240V 50/60Hz

                  Toppo driver: AC90-277V/50-60Hz

                Operation Voltage: DC36-42V

                 Total harmonic distortion: THD<15%

                 Power Factor: PF>0.95

                 Color Index: Ra>80

                 Lumen maintenance @6000h: >80%

                 Switching cycle before failure: 100,000

                 IP Rating: IP40

                 Life Span: 50,000 hours

                 Warranty: 5 years

                 Operation Temperature: -15°C~+50°C

                 Storage Temperature: -25°C~+55°C


Turnable degree 32w 2ft LED twins batten

Turnable degree 32w 2ft LED twins batten

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          1.What’s Smart Lighting ?

             Automated lighting control using sensors and /or scheduling switches.


          2.What’s Watt ?

             The unit of electrical power as used by an electrical device during its operation. Many lamps come with rating in watts to indicate their power consumption.


          3.How to explain “ZigBee“ ?

             A low -power ,low date rate, local area wireless network; ideal for lighting control.


          4.How to explain “lumen output “ ?

            The total lumens emitted of a light source, system, or solution.


          5.How to explain “luminous Efficacy“ ?

            A measure of how well a light source products visible light expressed as lumens /Watt.

Product Code/TP-BTS2D1-22-E0TP-BTS4D1-32-E0TP-BTS5D1-40-E0TP-BTS5D1-55-E0TP-BTS6D1-65-E0
Rated PowerW1832405565
LED Typ/QtySMD3825132192240364442
Luminous FluxLMtyp.2650-2850typ.3850-4150typ.4800-5200typ6500-7000typ.7800-8400
Luminous EfficacyLM/Wtyp.120-130
Color IndexRaRa>80
Color TemperatureCCT(K)WW:3000K NW:4000K PW: 5000K CW:6000K
Lumen maintance%>80%
AC Input VoltageVAC100-277V
Power FactorPFPF>0.95
Switching Cycle before   FailureTimes100000
Life Span Hours50000 hours
WarrantyYears5 years
Operation Temperature-15℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature-25℃~+55℃