Shenzhen Toppo 40W Panel 110-115LM/W

Shenzhen Toppo 40W Panel 110-115LM/W

Shenzhen TOPPO Led Panel light use high technology SMD 2835 and 4014 as light source and there are 600*600mm, 300*1200mm and 600*1200mm three dimensions can be chosen. With TUV-GS/ SAA/ CE/ ROHS certifications , TOPPO led panel lights become more and more popular in worldwide.
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Product Details

Shenzhen Toppo 40W Panel 110-115LM/W recessed/surface mounting/suspension available 

            1. energy saving:low heat,high level of brightness,energy-saving about 60%.

            2. long serving life: above or equal to 50.000H

            3. no twinkling can effectively protect the eyes.

            4. warranty of items: 5 years(the range of colour temperature:(2500K-6000K)

            1.TUV-GS/SAA/CE/ROHS approved .

            2.Safety operating voltage from DC36V~DC40V

            3.Extremely low maintenance (safety & cost aspect)

            4.Male / Female connector use (easy replacement) 

            Product Application
            LED Panel is mainly applied on indoor illumination,it can be widely used in starred hotels,shopping centers,meeting rooms,offices etc.







            LED Driver:Philips Xitanium/Certa Series/Lifud

            Dimming:1-10V dimming OR ON/OFF

            UGR:UGR<19 OR UGR>19

            Frame Finish:White or Silver

            Installation:Recessed/surface mounting/suspension

            Product Categories


            Prime Series:120-125LM/W

            Deluxe Series:110-115LM/W

            Kernel Series:90-100LM/W

            Standard Series:80-85LM/W

            Product Functions

            Standard ON/OF

            1-10v dimmable

            Remote Control Series



            (1)For all your inquires about us or our products,we will reply you in detail within 24 hours.

            (2)Protection of your sales area,ideas of design and all your private information.

            (3)We offer OEM services.We can print your own logo on product and packing.

            (4)Warranty is 5 years.


1.How to explain “illuminance“?

  The intensity of light falling on a surface area. If the area is measured in square feet, the unit of illuminance is footcandles(fc). If measured in square metres, the unit of illuminance is Lux. important is IP ?

   Classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accident contact, and water by mechanical casing and electrical enclosures

3.Could i tell you what’s LED driver ?

  An electronic circuit that converts input power into a current source -a source in which current ramains constant despite fluctuations in voltage fluctuations ,overvoltages, and voltage spikes.