China Best Manufacturer 40w LED Twins Batten

China Best Manufacturer 40w LED Twins Batten

The twins unit angle can be adjust max at 60 degree.This design makes the twins batten very smart.It also can be slided out through the clip on the end.This makes the batten easy installation and be widely used in factories,supermarket,public transport stations and so on. The twins battens have the various of functions on standard ON/OFF /Simple set /DALI / Zigbee,and also have the high lumen efficacy.All of these special points make the LED batten lights hot selling.
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Product Details

China best manufacturer 40w LED twins batten
China best manufacturer 40w LED twins batten
            Key Features


                 0-60 degree rotatable angle

                 Sliding structure for easy installation

                 Philips Xitaninum driver for 5 years wrranty

            Construction Features

                  Turnable and sliding structure design

                   White or silver paint finish

                  1500px &3000px basic unit for infinite connection

                  Housing material: Aluminum + PC

                  Surface monuting / suspension installation


                 Replace fluorescent batten

                Factory, Warehouse, Supermarket, MTR station,Train station, Airport, etc

          Technical Features

                Input Voltage:Philips driver: AC200-240V 50/60Hz

                Toppo driver: AC90-277V/50-60Hz

                Operation Voltage: DC36-42V

                Total harmonic distortion: THD<15%

                Power Factor: PF>0.95

                Color Index: Ra>80

                Lumen maintenance @6000h: >80%

                Switching cycle before failure: 100,000

                IP Rating: IP40

                Life Span: 50,000 hours

                Warranty: 5 years

                Operation Temperature: -15°C~+50°C

                Storage Temperature: -25°C~+55°C

China best manufacturer 40w LED twins batten

China best manufacturer 40w LED twins batten

China best manufacturer 40w LED twins batten

China best manufacturer 40w LED twins batten
            Why choose us?

           Toppo Lighting is one of the leading traditional tube fixture led fluorescent replacement? manufacturers and suppliers in China, which is equipped with a productive factory. Welcome to import the newest traditional tube fixture led fluorescent replacement? at competitive price with us. We can also offer you customized service.

              1.What’s your main product line is made ?

                 We mainly produce LED indoor lights (LED Panel light, led Tri-proof light, LED Batten light, LED tube,LED Ceiling light, LED Down light, LED                    Round Panel Light, LED 2D ceiling Light,LED Wall Pack )

              2.Do you have the ability to do independent and development ?

                 Our engineer department have 15-20 people. We have the research and development capabilities. We also collect regularly each customer                        feedback. We have product improvement and new product development. We also hold monthly new product launches.

            3.If i have a questions I want to know , how can i contact you ?

              You can find our platform or directly through major inquiry and send email to contact us.

            4.How long do LEDs last ?

               LEDs are rated by manufacturers to operate under normal conditions or 50000 hours of continuous use. As LEDs get older, they tend to dim                    and fade but aren’t susceptible to blinking like incandescent.

           5.LEDs are more expensive than other lighting options.why ?

             LEDs can operate as standalone devices,but when grouped or clustered they require additional steps to operate properly. LEDs need proper                     components such as a circuits can be designed rapidly, but to ensure that they operate correctly and for long periods of time they require testing.

Product Code/TP-BTW2D1-32-E0TP-BTWS4D1-40-E0TP-BTW4D1-60-E0TP-BTW5D1-60-E0
Rated PowerW2x16W2x20W2x30W2x30W
LED Typ/QtySMD38252x1082x1322x1802x180
Luminous FluxLMtyp.3850-4150typ.4800-5200typ.7200-7800typ.7200-7800
Luminous EfficacyLM/Wtyp.120-130
Color IndexRaRa>80
Color TemperatureCCT(K)WW:3000K NW:4000K PW: 5000K CW:6000K
Lumen maintance%>80%
AC Input VoltageVAC100-277V
Power FactorPFPF>0.95
Switching Cycle before   FailureTimes100000
Life Span Hours50000 hours
WarrantyYears5 years
Operation Temperature-15℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature-25℃~+55℃

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