Brighton LED Trunk Linear System-Light Module-Lens-UL

Brighton LED Trunk Linear System-Light Module-Lens-UL

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· Max 200 meter multiple link

· 130&150LM/W output

· Wattage adjustable

· Tool Free installation

· Owner design Lens

· 5 years warranty


·Functions : ON-OFF / 1-10V dimming / Micro-wave sensor / PIR Sensor / 3H EM @10% Lumen output

· Lighting color : Single color or Tri-color

· Beam Angle : 30/60/90/LR25 Degree

· Installation : Surface mounting OR Suspension




· BRIGHTON trunk linear system is a patent and own designed multiple link LED linear lighting system ,Which provide the optimized lighting solution for the industrial applications and commercial applications . Such as : Supermarkets , Shopping malls , Offices , Conference rooms , Factories, Warehouses, Car parks , Airports, Stations ,Etc .

·  BRIGHTON trunk linear system comprises of trunk rail ,module and accessories . The trunk rail is pre-wired which provide the AC power and control  signals to modules . The trunk rail has 5/7/11 wires style which meet the different modules .The modules split into lighting module and function module, 5 different lighting modules in tri-color and 5 different function modules  make the BRIGHTON trunk linear system meet the different application .

· BRIGHTON trunk linear system delivers a tool free installation, Which make a dramatic installation costing saving for every client . The tool free installation be reflected in the  trunk rail connection , one times AC power connection by start unit and easy installation on the modules .

· The elegant and special design , Fantastic lighting solution ,High technical function modules , All above advantages make the BRIGHTON trunk

linear  system not only is very popular / hot selling , and also effectively enhance the client’s brand image.

Key Features

Various module

Tool Free installation

Max 200 meters multiple link

3-phase AC power source

5/7/11 wiring system

Tri-color :3000/5000 mixed 4000K

Various function :

1-10V /DALI / Micro-wave sensor /

PIR sensor / 3H emergency


Commercial lighting applications :

Supermarkets , Shopping malls , Airports , Stations, Cap parks etc.

Office lighting applications :

Offices , Conference rooms, Showrooms,  Class rooms , librarys etc.

Industrial lighting applications

Factories, Warehouses, Workshops ,

Linear light (22).jpg


Linear light (15).jpg

·Explosion drawing
·Trunking Rail

BRIGHTON trunk rails are pre-wired sections .Which provide the AC power and control signals to modules . The trunk rail has 5/7/11 wires style which meet the different module .The available length is 0.6m, 12.m, 1.5m, 2.4m, 3.0m. The node connectors with wired WAGO terminal on both side of the trunk rail not only make the tool free installation and also make the installation directions .



·Explosion drawing

BRIGHTON trunk linear system delivers a very professional wiring system . The trunk rail has the 5/7/11 wiring. The WAGO connector be used in the

trunk offer a fool free easy installation between the trunk rails and modules.

BRIGHTON trunk linear not only use the 3-phase & 2.5M (20AWG ) power wires, and also use the WAGO phase conversion function connector .

It allow MAX 16A and 200 meters trunk rail be connected in 3 phase power supply system .


·Start Unit

BRIGHTON start unit make the trunk linear system just need one times AC power supply connection for each loop . It can be inserted at the begining or

ending of the multiple link. This design makes the client save much installation labour costing .

The start unit with the female WAGO AC connection terminal , Just need easy inserting to the trunk rail to finish the installation . It delivers 5/7/11 wires

style to meet the different wire style trunk rail .


·Start Unit

BRIGHTON trunk linear  system has 5 different type of LED light modules which can be used for the different application . The LED light module can be

tri-color or single color . For the industrial ,car parks ,warehouses ,shopping mall ,etc applications , The Lens light module / Narrow LED light moudle

/ T8 LED light module is the best choose . For the commeriacals, Offices,  etc applications, the gentle and frosted LED light module is the best choose .

The LED driver at the back of the led light moudle which makes the light module is very esay to choose the L1/L2/L3 AC wire source .



·Function Modules
BRIGHTON trunk linear system has various of function module for different application , These function modules make the BRITHTON is a fantastic system .

The function  modules inculde the micro-wave sensor module, PIR sensor module, 3H emergency module, Track light module . These functional modules

are not only can be tool free installation but also can be choosed by the cleint according to the different applications or projects .

Micro-wave sensor module


PIR sensor module


Emergency module


Track Rail


Blank Cover




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